Personal Stories

“No One Ever Said Life Would Be Easy, They Just Promised It Would Be Worth It.”

Taking the actions to gain control of your life – professional, personal, faith-based, wellness and/or financial – is a very difficult process to maintain once the decision has been made. At HIT, we celebrate the successes of individuals as a collective group. Join our community of people taking control of their lives and succeeding every day!

Check out these great successes…

April 2013, I finally convinced myself to try a HIT class with HJ. I had contacted HJ the November before with questions about the class. He explained all I needed to do was show up and he would do the rest. It took me a little while to finally take the initial step and I have not looked back since that day. I started going 2 days a week, then 3, then 4 and now I go 5 days in the mornings. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person, but I actually enjoy waking up at crazy hours to go to class!

I will never forget my first workout and walking out thinking there is no way I can do this, but I proved myself wrong. I am stronger, faster and much more motivated to get better every day. My workout routine consisted of walking on the treadmill before starting HIT and now I feel there are not many things I cannot do or complete. Not only is HJ a wonderful motivator and fantastic trainer, everyone that goes to HIT are always there for one another. They are like my second family. If you are ready for a change in your life, whether you need to lose weight or just get fit, HIT is the place for you!

– Jenna Raymond

“Before the sessions my workout experience had not been effective. I found myself doing the same old things – with no obvious results or the drive to do more.

HJ brings a tremendous amount of professionalism, enthusiasm, energy and experience to our workouts. I am constantly & consistently challenged by new exercises. He keeps our sessions interesting and engaging. He even offers regular health and nutritional tips. Nowhere else can you find this type of “all inclusive” offering for such an affordable price!

The variety of exercise and his approach has helped me find new ways to challenge myself. He has enabled me to do things I was not able to do before. I believe he has created a much more energetic and happier me! I definitely recommend HIT sessions with HJ for all it has done for me.”

Vanessa Jones

“Let me start this off by saying I hate going to the gym, working out, etc. But when I first saw the announcement for HIT, I figured I had nothing to lose. Boy was I wrong. I started the week after Thanksgiving and by Valentine’s Day, I was able to buy a new pair of jeans two sizes smaller!

The fact that I quickly and constantly see results throughout this journey has motivated me to keep at it. My gym membership never did that. HJ Adams is great. He pushes the group well beyond what each person thinks their capabilities are, tailors alternative exercises for those who have limiting factors (knee issues, etc.), and is constantly challenging us. If you are looking to make a change to a healthier lifestyle, HIT will definitely put you on the right path.”

Kerri Barousse

When I first moved to Lafayette I worked out at the City Club and ran. I would run by HJ’s Hit workout at the City Club and I would see them doing the craziest workouts I had ever seen. I tried it almost 7 years ago and I am still hooked to this day. The great thing about the workouts it is never the same. Even after 7 years, I know when I show up at HIT it is going to be a challenging fresh workout that I have never done before. HJ has a unique way of making each workout very challenging no matter what your fitness level. These workouts you cannot get anywhere else. It’s a common occurrence for HJ to demonstrate an exercise and the class to respond that they can’t do it. The challenge and the success of completing an exercise that you thought you could not do, gives you an added sense of accomplishment on completing your workout. HIT focuses on core and functionality strength with some of the exercises targeting smaller muscle groups that most trainers neglect. These muscle groups are very important to balance, stability and overall well being. The members of HIT are friendly and very welcoming into the HIT family. The actual results you receive from HIT are second to none. Every year since I started HIT I say that I’m in the best shape of my life. It’s amazing that I can keep improving. Since I started HIT, I have lost three inches around the waste, about 15 pounds and have a body fat % of 9.9 at the age of 53. Thanks to HJ the most important thing is that I’m excellent health and do not have to take any medications.

Dan Thompson

When I first started hit I was absolutely terrified. I walked into hit about eight weeks after having my second son. I was out of shape, tired from having a new baby, and really embarrassed about the way I looked. The entire hit family was so welcoming. They made me feel like this was a place where I could get my pre-baby body back without any judgment from others. Everyone is so encouraging and really wants to see others be the best the best version of themselves. I’m so thankful that I decided to join hit. Thanks to HJ and all of his encouragement, I not only have my pre-baby body bag but I’ve made some really great friends along the way.

Whitney Savoie

Working out with HJ has literally been life-changing for me. I found weightlifting in my teens kept me in shape through college, but once I started dating Kristi (my wife and favorite Biggest Loser), the workouts stopped and the weight gain started. Flash forward 20 years, two kids and multiple attempts to lose weight later, I was back on track to 300 pounds after losing weight on my own a few years earlier. My job requires frequent travel, which is a diet & exercise killer. I needed focus and renewed motivation. I didn’t want to admit I needed help. Kristi entered H’s Biggest Loser contest, and after 3 weeks, she persuaded me to try a class. I was hooked by the end–because I had never been challenged physically that way I was with HIT. Seven months in, at 45, I weigh what I did at 21 , am in the best shape of my life, and for the first time in years, know that I can reach fitness goals I set years ag0!

Harry Billie

I have been a client and friend of HJ’s for over three years. I like to think that I have always been in shape, having played multiple sports in high school and working out off and on since then. But when I was first introduced to HJ, back before he had a gym and his workouts were held at Girard Park, I can honestly say that I was in a fitness rut after having my first child. HIT and HJ proved to be exactly what I needed to get out of this rut.

With HJ’s ever changing workouts and incomparable motivation and enthusiasm, I am now in, what I believe to be, the best shape of my life. I may not be as fast as I was in high school, but I do believe that I am stronger. HJ modified workouts for me after having a broken ankle and throughout and after my second pregnancy. He also helped me to prepare for my first half marathon. I can’t thank him enough for getting me back to where I am today. I definitely could not have done it without him.

I became a member of HIT in 2016 after I accepted a character role in the Krewe of Rio.  In my mind, the character that I was to portray was very fit.  I contacted HJ and told him my goals.  I needed to maintain my weight but lose fat and gain muscle.  Immediately, HJ made my goals his goals.  He took ownership of my fitness routine and I did the same for my diet and supplementation plan.


Needless to say, HJ pushed me to succeed.  He designed a custom fitness plan that was smart, dynamic, and challenging.  Most importantly, HJ was consistent.  He never canceled our workouts and he held me accountable.  At the end of 3.5 months I made my goal.  I lost fat, gained muscle, and maintained my weight.  Specifically, I started at 15% body fat and finished at 6.5%.  I was proud of my results and I had a blast being a character for the Krewe of Rio.

I no longer have a specific target goal in mind other than to stay fit.  I regularly attend group classes and I honestly enjoy working out with everyone who attends.  HIT has more than a strong membership and HJ is the reason.  HIT is a small community of people that want to get fit and HJ is a sincere trainer that wants to help you meet your goals.  Whether you need constant motivation or help creating the right diet plan, HJ is available to you and he is consistent with his efforts.

I strongly recommend that you give HIT a try.

Ken Bernhard

I remember hurting all over.  I remember being still from the pain. I also remember how gratifying it was to take the proper steps to getting my health in order. It was always hard but it was always worth it. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you put in the time and the effort, you’ll find HIT WITH HJ will provide so much for you, mentally and physically.

HJ provides a regiment built on success. The results literally speak for themselves. Just take a look at the before and after pictures of all the people he’s helped.

Hit with HJ also provides a family/team-based atmosphere, where everyone is there to support one another and to push each other to reach their personnel goals.  This is something I found to be crucial for success. All it takes is for you to step in the door. The change will be hard but you will be far better for it. I know this to be true because I was.

Charles Hilt

For as long as I can remember, I was the big girl.  I was the biggest girl in dance class, the biggest cheerleader, and the biggest member of my family by far.  My childhood was riddled with weight loss attempts beginning with seeing a nutritionist at age five and continuing with fad diets, Slim Fast, restricting calories, counting fat grams, Weight Watchers, and even fat camp – each yielding only short-lived successes.  And so, I learned that being big was a part of who I was.  Being big was a part of my identity.  Convinced that biological causes laid at the root of my challenges, I more recently saw a doctor.  A slew of test results – all within normal ranges – led my doctor to tell me I was just a “really, very healthy fat person.”

Earlier this year, I chose to release the identity of being big.  I swallowed my pride and told my story to HJ and Leah.  They welcomed me into their world, allowing me to become a part of a gym family.  Fully aware that I needed a mind-body transformation, I chose to trust the process; I chose to trust HJ.  It is working.

The difference is variety, accountability, and belief.  HJ is consistent in his encouragement and unwavering in his believe that I can do this.  Workouts at HIT are so versatile that every day I have been capable yet challenged.  Weight loss is a journey, and my journey is ongoing.  I am grateful that my identity has forever changed.  Not only have we proven that doctor wrong, but more importantly I now see myself as strong, healthy and fit.  I see myself as happy.


I started working out with HJ while he was still a trainer at the City Club.  I was overweight and out of shape.  I would be in the weight room doing my typical, redundant, ‪Monday through Friday workout that I knew wasn’t really working. I kept seeing these pictures of HIT and all these dynamic workouts with this guy called HJ.  It took about two weeks for me to build up my courage to join a class but once I did, I was hooked.  Fast forward nine years later and I’m still going strong.  The atmosphere and camaraderie at HIT is second to none and I really enjoy seeing everyone’s faces when I walk in.  The workouts are dynamic and never repetitive which makes things fun.  If you’re looking for a family oriented, high intensity workout, then HIT is the place for you!

Bruce Brown 

In March of 2015 I decided that I would finally lose the 50+ pounds I had been carrying around since college.  I had never consistently worked out before and found gyms to be intimidating and overwhelming.  When I came across the Biggest Loser program at HIT, I knew it was heaven sent!  I was looking for a challenge and didn’t want the “typical” gym experience.  I was definitely in the right place!   Through HJ’s creative and demanding workouts I lost over 50 pounds and 17” in my waist. It transformed my body and changed my mindset. HJ encourages you to bring your best every day.  He takes your goals and pushes you outside of your comfort zone to reach them with workouts that change daily.  HJ’s commitment to his clients show in his results and in the gym’s atmosphere.  He has the most supportive and encouraging members around! All of those elements combine to make HIT with HJ the best gym in Acadiana for anyone serious about their fitness and weight loss goals.  HIT is an integral part of my life now!    

Kristi Bille

Having worked out at a local gym in the past, I knew HJ and I liked his personality. I knew what his workouts were about. I have worked out with other trainers but never at his level. I was intimidated by his approach and honestly, by his muscles. I didn’t think I was strong enough to do what he expected.


Finally, I bit the bullet and went to my first class. I could barely do 2 pushups, much less 3 or 4 rounds. Then one day from across the room, I heard HJ say, “I’ve seen you work out before, I know what you’re capable of.” I was embarrassed, pissed, wanted to cry… I don’t know.  Maybe, all of the above but I knew he was right and I wasn’t going to quit. He believed in me and I needed to believe in myself!


That was what I need to throttle myself into the next phase. Itbecame more about me being strong mentally and knowing what I’m capable of, rather than weight loss or dieting. I was finally “getting my mind right”. HJ and I would talk about my goals; he knew where I wanted to go and encouraged me to get there. The classes are hard work but nothing worth fighting for is ever easy. I love how the workouts are never the same, not knowing what to expect. This is good b/c I can’t talk myself out of burpees if I don’t know they’re coming. Each day we work together; to encourage each other, to push harder, to be stronger, to move faster. I have finally found what works for me. I have made the lifestyle change to be a better me. We have become a HIT family, supporting each other through the good and tough times.


Two years after starting my career in Lafayette, I found myself running low on energy and no longer fitting into my clothes. The day I had to purchase size 38 jeans for the first time in my life, I knew I had to do something different, but where to start? I witnessed a co-worker undergo a transformation with H’s biggest loser competition (he lost ~70lbs in 6 months) so the answer was right in front of me, but I still had a few concerns. Will I be able to do it? Will it hurt? Will I fail?

It took me two months to gather the courage to call H, but after I

finally did, it’s turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever

made and there’s no looking back now. I shed 35 pounds in my first 4

months using H’s expertise as a fitness consultant, and the weight has

stayed off. HJ keeps it fun, exciting, innovative, and there’s never a

dull moment. I provide the effort + energy, and HJ delivers the continuing results!