Intense.  Challenging.  Dynamic.  Rewarding.

Hit Training with HJA class unlike any other – HIT Training will push you to exceed your limitations and achieve your goals – in only 45 minutes!

A metabolic, resistance training class, HIT begins with an exercise that boosts your heart rate and never allows it to drop. For 45 minutes – 30 sec on, 30 sec off  – you will leave your comfort zone and achieve muscular endurance combined with strength.

HIT focuses on functional movements based on agility, balance and core stability using unconventional and personal-traininginnovative training tools such as heavy ropes, tires, plyo-boxes, sand bags, mooring chains and more.

Get FIT – Get HIT!

Are you ready for the most intense and dynamic workout you have ever experienced? Do you want to challenge yourself? I mean really push yourself to the limit? What if you could train to EXCEED your known limitations?

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